Why we love to travel with kids

why we love to travel with kids

Why do we love to travel with kids? 

“Are we nearly there yet” ….As we just pull out of our drive.

” I need the toilet desperately!!!! “…. As we are stuck in a traffic jam on the M6

“Oh no….I have left Peppa on my pillow!!!” …..As we are just about to go through security at the airport.

I can’t tell you how often we have been asked the question “why?” –  Why would we even begin to attempt to travel with young children? Some people would argue that our children are young, that travel is expensive and that they won’t remember it. The truth is we love to travel with kids, and we couldn’t imagine exploring a new destination, experiencing new smells, colours and sounds, and creating wonderful memories without them.

We have always had a passion for travel. When I met the hubby, we would spend our last penny on a holiday of a lifetime, an adventure, or a weekend break. When our eldest was around three, we spent all of our savings on our beloved campervan. I remember our first trip in the camper where we headed to Abersoch. We chucked a mattress in our ‘not quite converted camper’ and off we drove in search of blue skies, waves and chips on the beach. Our now 7 year old still talks about that trip with a smile.

Travelling with children makes the experience fun and well… more colourful. We believe that life is an adventure. That travel makes you richer. That life is about collecting memories – not things.


Teaches the children that life is an adventure

glamping in Autumn

Allows us to bond as a family

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Encourages everyone to slow down


Creates wonderful family memories


 Provides an  opportunity to ditch the routine


Travel introduces children to new learning experiences


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For us, January and February is all about slowing down and making plans for the year ahead. I love the planning of a holiday…spending time searching out the perfect destination for you and your family. You know how much we love our camping, glamping and enjoying the great outdoors. We were lucky enough to enjoy some wonderful UK Breaks last year.  Now don’t get me wrong – we will certainly be enjoying a few many outdoor breaks travelling the UK and beyond in our beloved campervan, Otis. However, I have to say though, that this year we are craving a holiday that involves a little bit of luxury. I am craving a week of luxurious accommodation, a villa pool, a proper full sized bed, wonderful weather, flip flops not wellies, and a toilet that you don’t have to track across the field (normally at 1am) to get to.

Karma St Martin's


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why we love to travel with kids


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    Ah what a lovely post Katy and beautiful photos best of luck my lovely xx

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