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Vango ambassador

Vango Ambassador

I am truly grateful for all the experiences and opportunities that we have had so far as a result of our family travel blog. We have visited some incredible places….we have travelled…explored…camped and glamped more than I had ever hoped to. We spent the last weekend in the heart of the National Forest at Timber Festival, and we are really excited to be  packing the camper for a short road trip next week. At the beginning of the year Vango got in touch and we are delighted (and more than a little bit excited) to have been asked to become a Vango ambassador this year.

Vango ambassadorVango ambassadorVango ambassadorOtis and Us


Vango was established in the west of Scotland in 1966 and has a super long history in designing and manufacturing outdoor equipment. Vango are a well-known and trusted company and their pride in research and development has led to many groundbreaking products. The AirBeam® tents and AirAway drive-away awnings are transforming the way that people camp and enjoy their experience of the great outdoors.

What’s more, Vango are an official manufacturer of Recommended Kit for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and also have a close partnership with The Scout Association.

Vango brand ambassador – what does it mean?

Basically it means that we are in a partnership, or sponsored by Vango. We have the opportunity to review their gear and tell you about their latest innovative products and launches. We will ensure that we are always transparent and our thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. We can also feed back to Vango any thoughts or suggestions that you may have along the way.



We have been invited to be a  Vango ambassador as part of their family category. We hope to explore the range of Vango products that make camping fun, easy and enjoyable with our little tribe in tow. The weather has been incredible so far this year and we are so excited and looking forward to a Summer of fun, quality family time, and many outdoor adventures. Lets see where our Spirit of Adventure takes us…….


otis and us

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Vango logo – courtesy of Vango


**We have been asked to be a brand ambassador. All thoughts and opinions are our own and we will remain clearly transparent **

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  1. Darren
    October 5, 2019 / 12:43 pm

    Hi, we too have just been offered a Sponsorship as Vango Ambassadors. We are totally new to this but we are eager to get things rolling. How did you create this page and how? If you could email me with your personal thoughts on the Vango Ambassadorship and how it works for you I would greatly appreciate that. We want to create a page similar to this but are struggling. Kind Regards Darren

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