25 Awesome elf on the shelf ideas this Christmas

Awesome elf on the shelf ideas

Anyone who knows us knows about our cheeky elves Kevin and Melvyn. So let me introduce you. Kevin entered our home three years back now, our eldest fell in love with him, and he has become a regular visitor come December 1st. Melvyn arrived a couple of years ago (to keep Kevin company of course) and each year they knock on our door with their passport and suitcases for their short stay to keep an eye on our children… ensure they are well-behaved all most of the time….and to maybe get up to a little mischief along the way. I have shared 25 Awesome elf on the shelf ideas this Christmas.

Our children love to get up every morning to find out what those pesky elves get up to.  Myself and Mr S…we have a little competition going to help the little cheeky elves get up to mischief. On the 1st December the elves arrive in our home and every morning the children hurry around the house to see where they are and what they are doing. The girls are super excited to see the return of Kevin and Melvyn this year and the pressure is on for some more laughter, cheekiness and mischief. Here are 25 of our best elf on the shelf antics so far.

It’s December Mr S….let the #Elfwars begin



Do you have any awesome Elf on the shelf ideas this year? I am looking for some inspiration for our ongoing #Elfwars. Do share your ideas!


elf on the shelf ideas

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