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7 Ways to Make your Holiday Memories Last 

7 Ways to Make your Holiday Memories Last 

How do you Make your Holiday Memories Last?

So your bags are unpacked, your holiday clothes are washed and put away, and you have a camera full of holiday photos. You have a million holiday memories, but how do you make them last? We love to travel, visit new places, explore and make memories for our little ones…but when you get home, how do you make your memories last a lifetime? Here are 7 ideas to make your holiday memories last forever……

Travel Storage Book

This is a lovely idea to store all your holiday treasures.  We have this beautiful storage book from Mi Abode and we have started to collect tickets, photographs, shells found on the beach, currency, and souvenirs from all the places that we have visited this year. You can find out why we love it in our full review. Mi Abode is about mixing stunning vintage items with contemporary Scandinavian design pieces, and this simple and stylish travel memory box is a beautiful way to store all your holiday treasures. I know that I will look back thorough this box in years to come with a smile. Price £14.99 available online

Travel journal /scrapbook

I have only recently started a travel scrapbook, and I find it is a great way to get my children involved.  A travel journal or scrapbook can be started before you set off on your holiday. Draw pictures, make lists, add receipts, tickets, information leaflets and postcards that you collect along the way. Kids Travel scrapbooks and journals are a great way to entertain the little ones on a long road trip as they can also draw and jot ideas down during the journey. Price £14.95 + P&P

Create a Photo wall

Over the years I have been guilty of taking hundreds of photographs that end up just sitting on our computer. I am sure this is something that we could all say we are guilty of, but this year we have made the effort to print out the photographs and start a photo wall of our adventures.  I absolutely love the photo wall and it makes me smile every time I look up at all the family fun we have had this year. We have so many more to print out and add. See website for details.

Create a photo book

When I started Otis and Us family travel blog, I hoped to record all of our adventures, and all of the places that we visited mostly for the children. We visit so many places and often forget the campsites that we stay at. Very recently I put together a lovely vanlife photo book of all of our adventures in our camper van with our kids. Rosemood offer beautiful photobooks, wedding stationary, calendars and photo prints and I love that we have a photo book with all of our amazing camper van adventures and road trips so far.

Personalised Pinboard map

I have fallen in love with these wonderful maps by Louisa Elizabeth since I first saw it appear on the lovely Tin Box Travellers blog. They are a stunning way to plan and document family travels. Each beautifully illustrated map can be personalised with colourful pins to record your adventures or to plan for new trips and destination ideas. My favourite, the Great Britain and Ireland map is available in four standard sizes, with an option to purchase the map framed and unframed. I have this UK Map on my wish list for my August birthday (please take note Mr S.)

Prices start from £85.

Turn holiday photos into wall art

I came across the lovely Hannah Doodles on Instagram when I was searching for ideas for my blog header. But there are so many talented artists out there who can turn a wonderful photograph into a colourful, fun and personalised doodle to hang on your wall.

Collect items and souvenirs 

Whenever we visit a place we always try to collect something to take home. It can be a few shells or pebbles, a postcard, a bracelet or even a jar of sand or a picture. If you collect an item from every place you visit, you will end up with a fabulous travel collection from all around the world to save for years to come.

So there you have 7 lovely ideas to make your holiday memories last forever. Do you have any ideas to add to the list?

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*Featured image – pixabay*

* Pinboard map – photo courtesy of Louisa Elizabeth*

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