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Boho accessories for vanlife: Homemade decor ideas for camper

Boho accessories for vanlife: Homemade decor ideas for camper

I love find gorgeous and colourful boho accessories for vanlife. There are so many ways to style the camper with bunting flags, fairy lights, crochet blankets, vases of dried flowers and other bohemian accessories. The list is endless. Even better are the homemade decor ideas for the camper: the boho accessories that add some colour or home comforts to your camper, motorhome or RV but that don’t cost the earth.


There are so many amazing ideas to decorate your motorhome, camper or RV with a bohemian style. I have spent hours on pinterest pinning boho camper decor and bohemian camper ideas, there are far too many beautiful campervan styles to give you inspiration.

Slight disclaimer here. I am not very good when it comes to crochet, knitting or macrame, however my mum is so talented and she has made all of our boho colourful camper can decor!!

Boho camper decor (RV or motorhome)

we are so so lucky that my mum is amazing and very talented. She can sew, craft, crochet, and more recently has worked out how to make a a macrame rainbow and a macrame bag for our camper van adventures. I love anything homemade (it is so much more special) and I have always had a love for boho accessories and clothing for as long as I can remember.

bohemian decor for vanlife

I have put together a list of ideas to add a little boho style to your camper and all these items can be homemade.

homemade ideas for your camper, RV or motorhome to add a little boho style

Crochet blanket

A crochet blanket is a beautiful camper accessory and perfect for vanlife. We use it to cover the duvet, snuggle up outside by a campfire, and it also doubles up as a picnic rug or beach blanket.

crochet cushions and other boho accessories for vanlife

Crochet cushions

Crochet cushions are brilliant in a camper, RV or motorhome. A crochet cushion is also an amazing camper storage hack, as you can remove the cushion and add clothes, towels etc as a space saving idea. This storage hack will also work in a RV, motorhome or even when camping with kids.

macrame bag

I love my macrame market bag, it is a beautiful, classic bag and wonderful for travel it is also a great eco friendly swap for vanlife. I use it as a beach bag, day bag, or travel bag. It also packs flat so perfect for van life when space is tight. There are some wonderful tutorials on the web for making a macrame bag.

Boho accessories for vanlife a macrame bag

macrame rainbow

I love a rainbow and I love a mini macrame rainbow. Simply add a hair slide, thread it with beads to make a macrame rainbow necklace, or glue your rainbow to a headband. Add some yarn so that you can hang your rainbow from the camper roof. There are so many lovely rainbow creations you can make to add a burst of colour and magic to your camper

dream catcher

We have had our dream catcher forever and the kids love it. What is the purpose of a dream catcher I hear you ask? A dream catcher was hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams. The spider web design of the dream catcher would allow good dreams to pass through and float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children. How magical is this?

van life essentials to make living in a campervan happier and easier

Bunting flags

Bunting flags were the first thing that my momma made for our camper. We hang them inside, and on the awning and our camper set up is not complete without them. We also add solar fairy lights too when we are dining outside!

bunting flags for camper - boho decor ideas for camper RV or motorhome

macrame hanging planter

Finally my new obsession with macrame continues. Next is a macrame hanging planter. Not only is a macrame hanging planter perfect for the home and garden, but you add some greenery to the inside of your camper, Motorhome or RV to channel your bohemian camper decor to your home on wheels.

Home is where you park it after all.

Boho accessories for vanlife

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