Capture moments with GoCustomized: Review

capture moments with GoCustomized

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to take photographs. I have always been the same. A five minute walk takes an hour because I have to stop and take a million photographs. I love to get up early to capture that beautiful sunrise and I am the one sitting on the beach all by myself taking in that striking sunset. I won’t profess to being an amazing photographer, but it is just something I adore. I love to capture moments. One we return home and are back in the swing of the daily grind of mad school run dashes…I often look up to my photo wall with a smile and a warmth in my tummy. When I was recently asked to review a personalised phone cover and to capture moments with GoCustomized – I jumped at the chance. Here is our GoCustomized review

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GoCustomized – phone cover

The truth is a photograph transports us back in time, it takes us back to a special moment that we may have forgotten.  A photograph reminds us to seize the moment, make time for what matters and cherish the little things in life. It reminds us that life is an adventure and so very precious.

So what do we do with the hundreds of photographs stored on our phone, computers and tablets? We do have a photo wall at home, a wall where we share our family travel moments, adventures, and experiences. For many, social media has become a means of sharing the best photographs with our friends and family. I’m certain you also will confess to this… but we have a huge amount of photographs that are stored on an external hard drive, and our tablets and computers that never see the light of day. I have recently printed out a favourite travel photograph of mine with the help of GoCustomized to have as a cover for my phone. GoCustomized helps to bring personality and uniqueness back to phones, tablets and gadgets in a simple and inexpensive way.

As 2017 left as quickly as it arrived, I am sitting on the sofa and looking through my most favourite holiday photos of the year. Looking through the photographs that transport me back to our beautiful travel moments of 2017.  Remembering that white glittery beach and those turquoise waters in the Isles of Scilly… eating cheese and pickle with Mr S in the campervan in Devon whilst seeking shelter from the rain… hunting for fairies in Scotland … running through the Lavender fields in York, and smiling at those photos I took whilst watching the kids search for crabs on a beach in Wales.

capture moments with GoCustomized phone case review

It it is so very true what they say – photographs are captured moments. They bring to life the music you hear, the beautiful things that you see, and the people that you love….then they freeze it forever.


capture memories with GoCustomized

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GoCustomized review

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Disclosure - This post is written in collaboration with GoCustomized. We were gifted this iPhone cover in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions, and holiday memories are my own.

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