Learn to swim with Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest: #Swimhappy

Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest

 Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest: #Swimhappy

We have just returned from a wonderful two week road trip in our campervan, exploring Devon and Cornwall before heading to the Isles of Scilly. We were hoping that the great British weather would not disappoint and that we would squeeze in lots of pool and beach time over the two weeks.

Our eldest daughter is a complete water baby; loving nothing else but to spend the day in the pool or surfing at the beach, and our little boy also appears to be a great lover of the water.  Our middle daughter however, has always been more cautious, maybe even a little fearful of the water. When we were asked if we would like to try out the Zoggs water wing swim vest – I didn’t hesitate, hoping it may be the answer to improve our daughter’s experience in the water.

Our first stop was the Andrewshayes Holiday Park in East Devon. The holiday park boasts a lovely heated swimming pool with a retractable roof. Armed with the Zoggs water wing vest, Zoggs goggles, swimming costume and Zoggs seal flips we headed to the swimming pool for an afternoon of splashing and swimming.

The Zoggs water wing swim vest is a neoprene jacket with sleeves and a zip closure to the back. It is available in the ‘Deep Sea’ print and the ‘Mermaid Flower’ print. The foam floats are sewn into the arms and the shoulders to provide a fixed buoyancy swimming aid. The swimming vest allows the little swimmer to move with ease and encourages a natural swimming position.

The vest was easy to put on with the zip fastening, and it fitted well. The sleeves fit comfortably around her arms and the vest stayed put when in the water. The colour of the vest – vibrant and fun. We started off in the shallow pool to allow our daughter to get accustomed to the water before moving to the adult pool.

A few months ago our daughter was too fearful to enter a pool, not wanting to dip her feet in the water let alone have swimming lessons. We saw such an improvement over the afternoon, with our daughter smiling and laughing, and trying really hard to swim, albeit in her daddy’s arms. The vest proved a fabulous buoyancy aid, not restricting her movement, but giving her reassurance in the water to try to swim and develop her confidence and ability. I was so proud of her.


Zoggs Water Swim Vest

Our next stop was Cornwall, and during a day on the beach, our daughter asked to put on her Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest (a great sign that it is comfortable to wear!) to try her hand at surfing with her big sister.

We got home yesterday and my next plan is to look into swimming lessons and to now build on her confidence. Thank you so much Zoggs – I think we may have turned a corner in making our little girl #swimhappy


Zoggs have a wide range of ‘Learn to swim’ products designed to suit each child’s individual swimming ability and all stages of development with the aim to improve confidence in the water whilst maintaining safety.  The Zoggs Water wing swim vest retails at £23.00 and is available at https://www.zoggs.com


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Learn to Swim with Zoggs Water Wing Swim Vest

**Disclosure – We were sent a Zoggs water wing swim vest in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own, and that of my #swimhappy daughter. **

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  1. August 18, 2017 / 8:19 am

    Aww photos are fab Katy and this looks like something I’d be interested in buying for my little man. We bought the Zoggs vest last year but didn’t know about this product thanks for sharing great post 😍💕xxx

  2. August 18, 2017 / 11:03 am

    She looks like it’s made a huge difference to her swimming. It does look comfy for them as well. Arm bands are definitely a thing of the past aren’t they

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