Our Bucket List – 2017

Our Bucket List – 2017

So as you have probably gathered, travel and  family adventures has become a huge part of our lives. We love planning special family trips and time away,  to make those cherished family memories,  which I am sure you all agree are priceless.

At the beginning of every year we sit down as a family and talk about where we would most like to visit over the next year. M has always been actively involved in our discussions and now this year lil_E has been able to join in too.  We then look to start planning our big holidays and weekend breaks,  which is so exciting.  Since starting this blog I have been amazed by some of the most beautiful places that you all have visited and this in turn has inspired me to put together a bucket list for the year. So without further ado here is our family bucket list for this year.

Bucket List – 2017

  • Peppa Land.  Ok this was lil_E’s only request. So it seems we will look to visit Peppa Land when the weather warms up. I have some ideas to stay in a tree house cabin, to make it even more special or we may just stay in Otis of course. But Nonetheless – Peppa Land is a must!

  • Northumberland Coast – This is Mr S’s request. We travelled the west coast of Scotland last year in Otis and it was our favourite trip to date. I will do a separate blog about this trip as it was breathtaking. Mr S would really like to do the North East Coast this year, and having a look at the pictures on the Internet I can’t  help but agree.

  •  London – We like to visit here every year, and I find it is really special  around Christmas time. We would like to take the kiddies to see some more of the sights, M really wants to do the London eye, and Buckingham Palace, and Mr S would like to visit some of the great London parks- maybe hire out a pedal boat in Hyde Park. We visited London at Christmas and would love to explore more of the City.img_5713


  • Disney Land Paris – This is on my wish list every year.  We were lucky enough to take M when she was three, but I would love to return now with all three of my mini me’s, particularly now lil_E is heavily into Disney princesses.  We didn’t make it last year as babyS was only a couple of months old and we felt it was a bit soon to take such a long road trip but I am hoping we can organise a visit- maybe via Eurostar.   I think there is no better time to visit than Christmas, and with M’s 7th birthday at the end of November I am really hoping we get to visit this year towards the end of November.img_2719


  • Family Festival. – We do try to visit a family festival every year. we absolutely L O V E them. We are yet to decide which family festival to visit this year as there are so many wonderful family festivals to choose from, but this has to be on our bucket list for the year. There is nothing better than donning those flower head garlands, kicking out any routine, and enjoying all the activities that the festivals have to offer. Last year we were lucky enough to visit Camp Bestival and the girls loved the activities and life music. They adore putting on those fairy wings and face glitter and having a late night dance…. The girls L O V E  the live music. .


  • City Break –We love a city break, and sometimes we do cheat slightly and visit a city by train. The girls (particularly Lil_E) loves trains so it is a real adventure for her when we go by train. Last year we visited Manchester, London and Chester.  Mr S would like to visit Liverpool and I would like to visit Bath or re visit Edinburgh – so a City Break is definitely on the cards.img_0810


  • Road Trip – This is the one trip of the year that we don’t plan. We like to have no plans, no rules, no bookings, no planned destination. We just drive and see where the road takes us. We have done this every year since we had Otis, and although I guess it is brave – particularly as we never know if the campsites we stumble across are fully booked – we just love the excitement of spontananity. No routine – aaah I love it. I would like to add a little trip to the Isles of Scilly this year so maybe we will just head South and see where the road takes us.


So there you have our family holiday bucket list of 2017, this is not exhaustive and I hope that we will enjoy M A N Y family adventures in Otis this year. I am looking forward to sharing all of our family trips, adventures and memories with you. Where would you like to visit this year ? Are there any places on your bucket list that you would like to share ?

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  1. January 22, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Fab list – I love the idea of just seeing where the road takes you! We have a boat so also spend a lot of our breaks each year in the UK and it really does offer so much. We’re also planning a London break soon – it’s been a few years since we last visited and we always have such a fab time. Good luck with your plans x

  2. Ella
    January 26, 2017 / 10:23 pm

    I have one to add!!! Bring Otis to Rhos Neigr in the Summer! Harry and Poppy (and me!!) would love having visitors!!! X

  3. Ella
    January 26, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    And…there’s so much fun to be had on Anglesey and so many places to explore! 😘

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