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Glamping in winter? Why you should go glamping during the colder months

Glamping in winter? Why you should go glamping during the colder months

Can you go glamping in the winter? The answer is yes! Glamping in Autumn and Winter is absolutely wonderful – it offers an alternative camping experience all year for all the family to enjoy. Here are our reasons why you will love glamping in Winter.

Is it too cold to glamp in the winter?

Absolutely not. Glamping often provides everything you need to keep you warm, dry and cosy thanks to the well insulated and heated glamping accommodation. Often accommodation is fully equipped for everything you need for your stay, sheepskin rugs, lanterns, cushions, blankets, wood and kindle for the wood burner etc. We stayed at Eco retreats during Winter and have enjoyed a number of family friendly UK glamping holidays.  

What time of year is best to go glamping in the UK?

The answer is any time of the year!! Glamping is wonderful in the Summer months, the warm evenings watching the sunset, and the long Summer days….but glamping during Winter can be epic. The campsites are often quieter during the colder months, and you can experience and see so many things that you may miss when visiting in the Summer. The added luxury of glamping makes getting outside in the Winter even more enjoyable!

Glamping in Winter

REASONS Why glamping in winter is great

avoid the winter blues and make some memories

The summer is over and winter blues is a real thing. The dark and gloomy nights can make you feel less energetic. Enjoying time outside and taking some time away from routine can be just what you need. Maybe book a winter glamping break and collect memories rather than things to make your soul smile!

Stay warm and cosy!

Winter days can be dark and cold, but the air is crisp and fresh, and you can still enjoy a spectacular sunset or sunrise. Glamping in Winter makes for a perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the fresh air before heading back to your glamping accommodation for an evening of toasty fires, soft blankets, hot chocolates and a comfy bed!

avoid the crowDS

Glamping in the Summer is wonderful, but you definitely have a different experience in the Winter. Glamping in Winter means you will find quieter hiking trails, fewer crowds and LOTS of peace and quiet. It offers uninterrupted time away from routine and the chaos of day to day life. Don’t forget that often many campsites and local attractions run discounts during Autumn and Winter, resulting in a more affordable break. 

Glamping is easier than camping!

Glamping in the Winter is fun and on another note – glamping is easier than camping. No trying to put up an awning or a tent in the dark, or in the rain. No worrying about what you may have forgotten (forgotten pegs, or cooking appliances anyone?) Autumn and Winter can bring Winter sunshine, glorious days and incredible sunsets. Camping requires planning and preparation, whereas for glamping all you need to do is pack a few clothes, some food and drink, and you are sorted!

What should I pack for winter glamping?

What should you pack for a glamping holiday? The benefits of glamping is that you can often travel light. Glamping accommodation options can range from a bell tent, a glamping pod, or a shepherd hut to fully heated safari tents or yurts. Many glamping options have bathroom and kitchen facilities and plenty to do nearby.

Always check what is provided before you travel. Sometimes you may need to take your own bedding. Check that the accommodation has power, is heated and has a kitchen with access to a cool box or fridge. Check if there is there power to allow you to charge phones? Glamping with a baby? Do check if you need to bring a travel cot with you.

Once you have established what is included in your glamping trip you can then work out what you need to pack. You may find our glamping packing list helpful. If you are glamping in Winter, make sure you take plenty of layers, waterproofs, good outdoor shoes and plenty of warm jumpers!

glamping in Winter

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